Electronics and Nanoelectronics Engineering Department was founded to provide Kyrgyz students along with the students from Central Asia and Turkey with the modern and qualified education. Nowadays, Electronics Engineering is being one of the most demanded professions around the world. At the same time, due to the establishment of free zones as well as new local and foreign work places, it has become a huge necessity for Electronics Engineers in Kyrgyzstan.
Transition to Western Technologies pursued specifically in companies and factories make it a great advantage of a job potential for our graduates as our university is the only institution where the Electronics Engineering education is given in English in Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, being able to work in spheres related to IT (Information Technologies) gives the Electronics Engineers more “attractive” look.
One more advantage for Electronics Engineers students is that they can continue their education abroad. It has been observed that the demand for the electronic engineers in the Master and Ph.D. level projects is very high throughout the world. Modern education given in English language provides students with this great advantage, too.

Brief description of the department according to the state educational standard of higher professional education:
Department specialty: 690100 - «Electronics and Nanoelectronics»
Profile: Industrial Electronics
Academic Degree: Bachelor of engineer (with a 4 year education)
Industrial Electronics department was founded in 2004.
While studying in our department you will have an opportunity to learn technologies such as:
Signal Processing
Control Theory and Control Systems
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Digital Electronics
Analog Electronics
Android, FPGA Technology,
Matlab, LabVIEW, Simulink, MultiSim, Isis Proteus, C and C++ programming, Python programming, AutoCAD, SolidWorks,

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